Friday Favourites

hazel's top 5

As Kiera said in her top 5, this is actually incredibly difficult to do. It took a lot of time and thought but eventually I managed to narrow it down, so here goes…..


1. Matilda by Roald Dahl

This was my absolute favourite as a kid. And as many books as I read back then, this one stuck in my head. The story follows a little girl called Matilda who discovers something magical about herself and how it can make the people she loves, lives better.
And who can resist a character who loves to read!


2. Dark Angel by V.C Andrews


I was given this book, along with a box of others, from my mums friend at the time. I think I was about 14 when I read it for the first time and it took my hormone driven mind on a journey that I’ll never forget. I remember crying and swooning and being shocked because it was the first book I read that included sex scenes.
It is about a girl who moves to live with her incredibly rich and vain grandmother, she starts a new private school, meets a boy and deals with a lot of family drama.
My first ever book boyfriend, Troy Tatterton!


3. The Commonwealth Saga by Peter. F Hamilton


Pandora’s Star was the first ever Sci-fi book I read. I was apprehensive to start because it wasn’t the easiest Sci-fi book for a beginner! I was challenged by my now fiance to read it and although I had to ask the meaning to some of the Sci-fi jargon, I absolutely fell in love with the book and immediately read the second one, Judas Unchained. These books are not just Sci-fi. They have action, adventure, romance, mystery, crime, the lot!


4. The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer


OK, some of you may groan and sigh but these books hold a special place in my heart. I was in a very long reading slump and was up to my elbows in nappies and all things baby (after having 3 children in quick succession) when two of my younger sisters said one day ‘you need to read this book’. I looked at them after hearing the synopsis and thought, really a young adult book, I’m 24! But they insisted so I took the book home and boy I’m glad I did. I instantly became hooked (well almost, by chapter 4 really) and somehow I managed to read the entire series inside a week! And out of my reading slump I came 🙂
And of course, I’m team Edward all the way, hehe.


5. The Blackdagger Brotherhood series by J.R Ward


Well, what can I say about these. After storming my way through a lot of young adult books, I was itching for something, well, more. Yasmin, my fellow blogger and sister in law, came round for a visit with my newest edition to the family and said ‘you have got to get this book, oh my god’. Of course I immediately ordered it from amazon and eagerly awaited for my package to arrive (this was before my Ipad and kindle app days). It did not disappoint! I vividly remember holding my breath and slowly flushing from my toes up at a particular scene, not that far in. It was the first time I had read a graphic sex scene! By the end I had completely fallen for Wrath, the male protagonist in this book and although I have read all but the last one so far in this series, he’s still my favourite brother.


Now as much as these are my all time favourites, I do hope that this list will evolve. I have every confidence that I will find and read a book or many, that I adore as much, if not more than those currently on my list.

Good reading guys xxx



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