Book Review – Dire Straits by Helen Harper

Author – Yasmin




“Dire Straits” is an interesting and different take on the traditional vampire myth. Set in London, Dire Straits is a firm where the main character, Bo Blackman, is a rookie private investigator. While serving a summons to a dodgy daemon, Bo ends up saving his life. Bo doesn’t normally do triber – based assignments ( vampires, daemons and witches ) which is how she prefers it, so after saving the daemon, Devlin O’Shea’s life, Bo realises she’s been set up. Now the police and vampire families are looking for her, including the handsome head of the Monsterrat house, Michael.

Bo knows if she’s going to survive all the craziness she will need to join the Monsterrat family as a recruit. However, Bo refuses to become a full fledged vampire; instead she wants to be a sort of half vamp that doesn’t drink blood – a sanguine. While going through training Bo has to find out who is behind a conspiracy to create a new vampire family.

” I know now the hardest tests aren’t even tests. They’re how you cope when your life falls apart.”

I really enjoyed reading this book and Bo is definitely my kind of character, I loved her attitude, self confidence and her witty remarks. I liked all the characters and the setting being in London, as a lot of the Urban Fantasy I’ve read hasn’t been set in England. There’s plenty of action, suspense and snarky humour throughout. The tension between Bo and Michael has me wondering where it will lead and looking forward to reading the next. I would definitely recommend this book and Helen Harper is quickly becoming a top pick for me, as I also loved her other series, Blood Destiny, and know this will be another favourite.

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