Friday Favourites – Book Covers!


Don’t you just love a book with a beautiful cover? Admiring it, touching it, hoping the story within will be just as gorgeous. If your a book lover like us you know exactly what I’m talking about. Here are my five favourite book covers thus far…. Enjoy!

1. Anita Blake series by Laurell. K Hamilton
These books are a brilliant Urban Fantasy series. The bold red covers make me think of vampires and horror but the beautiful and individual inlays of each book indicate that these books are a lot more than your typical vampire story. This edition of the series is definitely the best one I’ve seen and I hope they don’t change it before I can read the mammoth 22 books and counting. I’ve read the first 2 and really enjoyed them.


2. Fallen series by Lauren Kate
This series is a young adult Angels/Demons story essentially about star crossed lovers Luce and Daniel. My fiancé bought me the first book Fallen a few years back for Valentine’s Day and although I didn’t love it, it kept me interested enough to keep reading. The covers are stunning, dark, gothic and luxurious. I would love to have a dress like the ones on the covers. I’ve read all but the last one and so far my favourite is the third one, Passion.



3. The Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater
A young adult series about werewolves, these novels follow Grace, Sam and a myriad of other colourful characters. These books were rather slow to read but I did enjoy them. The covers are decorated in a beautiful wooded, forest scene but they’re black and white. The only colour is a little bit of read on each cover, a heart-shaped leaf, a paw print, and a rose. There is a new edition to the series, Sinner, but I’ve yet to read it.


4. The Languedoc series by Kate Mosse
I read the first 2 books in this series, Labyrinth and Sepulchre, quite a few years ago and loved them. They are full of mystery, magic, intrigue, romance, adventure and history. The author describes the setting of Carcosonne so well in these books, I immediately wanted to visit. The covers of the books are what caught my eye to begin with, simple block colour but with a golden glyph and writing. Simple yet beautiful. I love the stories as much as the covers. Citadel is the third book in the series.


5. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
I’ve heard amazing things about this book and its author and I cannot wait to read it. The story is about a ‘fangirl’ and her journey through college, self discovery and independence. The edition I specifically purchased, the UK special edition, is absolutely beautiful. I love the pink of the cover, the simple scene picture on the front, the inside of the dust jacket and it comes with a built in book-mark (I love it when books do that). I’m totally gushing I know but this is the first book I’ve bought where I sought out a particular cover, normally I’m not fussed about which edition it is but with this one…. It’s so pretty!


Well, there you have it. A particularly beautiful post, I’m sure you’ll agree ❤️📖


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