Book Review – Cursed (Voodoo Nights #1) by Lizzy Ford

Author Yasmin


Family curses, mystery, a serial killer, black magic, romance and betrayal!

Another good book by Lizzy ford that sucked me in quickly. The writing, descriptions and detail put into the Voodoo culture and history was amazing. I haven’t read a lot of books with Voodoo as the main focal point, it’s normally just glossed over in brief descriptions so this was something new for me and Lizzy Ford did a great job explaining it all. I enjoyed learning more about this magical culture, it’s Gods and origins.

Adrienne has just returned to New Orleans five years after her sister went missing, but soon after she arrives the mark of a curse appears on her, scarring her. Will she be its next victim? Addy is a sweet girl you can’t help but like, she has a good heart and wants to believe in the good of everybody, even her own sister who was getting into a few questionable things before her disappearance. Adrienne starts a new job as a Tarot reader and that’s how she meets Jayden.

Jayden doesn’t believe in anything magical but he feels drawn to Adrienne right away and her to him. Then Jayden’s father gives him something that’s been in their family for hundreds of years with a tragic story connected to it. This is when he starts to feel conflicted with believing in magic like his mothers side of the family or staying skeptical and practical like his father. I do like Jayden as a character but for me there was just something missing from making me love him as Addy’s love interest.

Now Rene, he was my favourite. He’s strong, protective with a dangerous edge to him. The quiet but tough type, and every once in a while you got to see a softer side of him and I love him! When things fall apart or you need some back up, Rene is the guy to go to. He maybe someone from the wrong side of the tracks but he always tries to do right by people.

The story and mystery unfold well in this dark YA book with some sinister characters, family betrayals and a curse that’s been around for hundreds of years, intertwining two families by the decisions of their ancestors. Will they be the ones to break it? Though the book deals in a lot of darkness and characters doing questionable, dangerous and selfish things in the name of love, there are also some lighter, sweeter moments throughout.

And there’s a possible love triangle brewing and Rene definitely gets my vote! Love the bad boy with a big heart! It also ends on a cliffhanger that has me impatiently waiting for more.

I also love the front cover πŸ™‚


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