Tuesday Musings


Do you agree?


One thought on “Tuesday Musings

  1. I totally agree, although I rather abhor Twilight. But seriously, the mere fact of getting lost in a book is enough – never let anyone look down their noses at your reading preferences. I grew up with a mom who devoured Harlequin Romances, probably reading 2-3 per day. I remember being in high school and madly in love with Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Heart of Darkness and wondering how on earth my mom could stomach such drivel. I asked her about it and she told me to try making it through her rigorous Indian education, where she had covered all of my high school required reading by age twelve, and then talk to her about her Harlequin Romance obsession. Love that woman. She rocks. Ever since then, I’ve never questioned another person’s preferences, mostly because I don’t know their back story and seriously, who cares? Just read! Oh, and #SupportWNDB

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