Friday Favourites – Book to Screen Adaptations.

Author – Kiera.

I have struggled with this weeks Friday Faves a little bit. I am very fussy with adaptations, especially if it is from a book I really love! I like them to stick to the story as closely as possible and get quite disgruntled when they don’t. Hmph.

With that being said here are some of my favourite adaptations.



I really enjoyed the book, and the show is almost identical! There are a few changes, but in this case I can see how it will benefit the show. The books follows the same set of characters for the first two, then it starts flitting between different characters in each book. The series seems set up to follow the first set of characters throughout, so some changes have been made to make the storyline carry on from there. Both the book and the show have amazing characters, full of southern charm. I literally melt every time Clay says ‘Darlin’.

The Vampire Diaries.

I don’t think I have met anybody that doesn’t like The Vampire Diaries. The first book was written over twenty years ago, and has a very different feel to it than the show. Plus the show seemed to take some ideas from the book and then take it in any and every direction they wanted! Despite the differences, I really enjoy watching it. There is never a dull episode, and no town knows how to party like Mystic Falls.

The Lord Of The Rings (and The Hobbit)

We’ve all seen LOTR, right? I don’t know that many people who have read the books though. This makes me sad, because while they are heavy going there is a lot of detail in there that they just couldn’t fit into the films. Even with the extended versions! Though it seems to be the opposite with The Hobbit. While I have enjoyed the films (I haven’t seen the last one yet) there is an awful lot of filler to them. I love them in any form though. They are amazing.

Memoirs Of A Geisha.

I love the film. I love the book. If you haven’t seen or read it go now! They are both so atmospheric, full of passion and utterly captivating. You get glimpses into Japanese culture and traditions, and the complexity of the Geisha’s nature. I know some people thought it was an actual memoir, and that seemed to tick them off. As long as you go into this knowing it’s fiction, I don’t think it’s a problem.

Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins is my favourite film. I have so many good memories attached to this film! I know it word for word and used to make my friends act out different scenes from it when we were out playing. I was a bit older when I read the book, which is a good thing because the Disney version is a lot lighter and fluffier than it’s book counter-part. They did a great job extracting some of the iconic scenes from the book and putting their own spin on them. Mary Poppins is not as likeable in the books, so it’s probably a good thing they did!


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