Friday Favourites – Book to Screen Adaptations

Author – Hazel

It’s my turn this week to choose my favourite book to screen adaptations and I found this a little tricky as both Laura and Kiera picked some favourites of mine. After some thought, and a look at my DVD/blu-Ray collection, I managed to compile a small list….

The Da Vinci code

As much as it may make some people wince, I really like Dan Brown’s novels. So far I’ve read The Da Vinci code, Angels and Demons and The Lost Symbol and I plan to read more. As much as I enjoyed reading The Da Vinci code, I really loved the movie. Tom Hanks does a wonderful job of portraying Robert Langdon and the mystery and thrill of the book really comes through in the film. Dare I say it but I liked the film more than the book! But only by a fraction.

The Notebook

A go-to soppy romance movie for me, I loved The Notebook. I swooned (Ryan Gosling), I laughed, I cried. In my opinion again (sorry!), the movie was better than the book. Of all the Nicholas Sparks adaptations Safe Haven has been my favourite, though I havent read the book. But Hollywood do like adapting his novels, so watch this space, my opinion might change….

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter, need I say more. The first movie has really stuck with me. The excitement of finding out that Harry is a Wizard, and the magical atmosphere the film has really encapsulates how I felt reading the book. For some reason, I always think of Christmas whenever I watch the movie. As much as the books are fabulous, the movie adaptations are incredible and will forever be a must see for kids and adults alike.

Pretty Little Liars

A guilty pleasure for me especially as I’m almost 31 years old, Pretty Little Liars is addictive. It’s a pychological thriller but aimed at teenagers and the show is utterly gripping. I’ve read the first few books in the series and I must say yet again, I prefer the tv show! The books read like they’re aimed at the younger readers, where as the tv show has grabbed my viewing as old as I am.

Witches of East End

I started watching the show before I read the book and I was hooked. It’s like a soap opera but with a paranormal twist. I adored Freya and Killian right from the get go and was on tenterhooks waiting to see if their forbidden love would flourish. Aunt Wendy was also funny and brilliant. So when I found out the show was cancelled after series 2 had ended on a cliffhanger to boot, I was absolutely gutted. Please bring it back! The book however was a huge disappointment. It wasn’t bad but was only ok. I think the TV adaptation gave me high expectations that were just not met.

True Blood

Like the books, the TV show started out strong. It took me a while to warm to Sookie but I loved Vampire Bill and then Eric, but my favourite TV show characters were Alcide and Jessica. The minute I saw Alcide I fell in love, and Jessica brought a different dimension to the TV show with her love story with Hoyt, and her struggles at adjusting to becoming a vampire. The books, like I said started off strong but by book 10 something was just missing from them, I can’t put my finger on it but they were just ok. And that ending for both the books and tv show – what?!




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