Friday Favourites – Worlds We’d Like to Live In.

Author – Kiera.

Laura did an amazing job with her post last week, and I have to say I’m a bit jealous of all the places she chose! I would quite happily live in any of those places. So after a few days thought (and going through most of my reading history)  I have a short list of my own.


The Night Circus.

There are so many reasons I would love to live in the Night Circus. It’s beautiful, mystical, magical and many other words that end in ‘al’. I used to love going to the circus as a child, and even though things have changed over the years, I still love them now. Especially in books. There is a picture somewhere of four year old me sitting on an elephant at the circus that used to visit our town each year. Four year olds are fearless! I’m sure I wouldn’t be brave enough to do that now.Most of my clothes are black or white anyway, so no problem there. I’m much more of a night owl than a morning person, and I like traveling on trains (who doesn’t?).  I would quite happily travel the world and explore the Night Circus indefinitely while eating caramel apples, chocolate mice and drinking mulled cider. Meeting new people, discovering new tents filled with wonderful things. All sounds good, right?



There are so many takes on Wonderland, and I have to say I love them all, even the darker versions! Though I will admit it did take me longer than it should have to play through Alice Returns… Scary stuff! I think for purpose of the blog we will assume that I’m going to live in one of the nicer versions. I would love to spend my time drinking tea with the Mad Hatter, or eating jam tarts with the Queen of Hearts. I would try not to make her angry with me though. Wandering around looking for the Cheshire cat and following the White Rabbit… All sounds like fun to me!



Now, this is technically cheating as it’s all based on the game and I do have a stipulation or two to go with it. There is a book set in the same world though, so we’re just going to go with it.

I think Rapture is beautiful place, and while the idea of being in an under water city does terrify me slightly, I think watching all the sea creatures swimming around would be worth it! Also, I would like to make friends with a Big Daddy, better to have them on your side! My stipulation is – I would like to leave before everyone goes crazy on plasmids and splicers wreck the place. I would also try and avoid some of the characters whose sanity isn’t what it used to be….  If you’re not a big gamer I would still recommend the book to you, it is really good in it’s own right, and it might even encourage you to give the game a try.


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