Friday Favourites – Worlds We’d Like to Live in

Author – Hazel

This week it’s my turn to tell you about the wonderful story book worlds I’d like to live in. Laura and Kiera enjoy reading fantasy novels so have been transported to all different types of worlds and surroundings, but I don’t read much fantasy so my choices will probably be vastly different….


Prague (from Daughter of Smoke and Bone)







Whilst reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I really wanted to visit Prague. Laini Taylor does a fabulous job of describing the city. Her prose is beautifully descriptive and immersive. I even ate goulash several times whilst reading this book. And another reason to want to visit Prague, the library…..Wow!


The Commonwealth Space Galaxy.






In the Commonwealth books (written by Peter F Hamilton), humanity has stretched itself across the Galaxy, inhabiting many worlds. Even though in reality the idea of traveling in space is overwhelmingly scary, in the Commonwealth books, technology is so advanced it wouldn’t be an issue. Imagine the different lands, plant life, wild life, sunrises and sunsets, maybe even intelligent life you would come across, a curious explorers dream.


Carcassonne, Southern France (from The Languedoc trilogy)








Kate Mosse’s Languedoc trilogy is set in Carcassonne, France. Her stories travel through different time periods and are told from different perspectives but the wonder and beauty of Carcassonne is still present. From the beautiful sweeping fields and sunshine to the rich historic ruins, I wanted to please my curious mind and explore the ruins and picnic in the grasses whilst reading her books in the glorious sunshine.


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