Friday Favourites – Books I Loved When I Was a Youth…

Author – Laura

We all have a series of books that remind us of our formative years. As a (ahem) 30 plus year old woman my adolescence seems like quite a long time ago, but these three series make me nostalgic for simpler times, when the most important things were how short my school skirt could be before I got into trouble and who was snogging who at the school disco.

Point Horror – Various Authors

Point Horror Book Covers

Point Horror was a collection of books which became really popular with boys and girls alike during the 90’s. I remember thinking my friends and I were really edgy for reading this series. It was the first time I’d really read anything creepy, and so I felt quite grown up getting these out of the library. The covers always had lovely metallic embossed titles, which was really important when I was 13.

I remember not being able to sleep properly after reading The Babysitter, and deciding that vampires were pretty awful following The Cheerleader. (Of course, I hadn’t met the BDB or the Cullens by then…)

Sweet Valley High – Francine Pascal

Sweet Valley High Book Covers

I actually read the Sweet Valley High books at primary school, possibly in Year 5 or 6. I thought the Wakefield twins were just so fabulous; blond, American and independent, I was really quite envious of their lives at the tender age of 9 or 10. I’ll confess, I wanted to be Jessica rather than Elizabeth – Jessica was much cooler in my book.

The girls in my class used to fight over the new releases, so I always ended up re-reading the same books while I was waiting my turn to get the latest story. I was pretty excited when they made the TV series, but in all honesty I was a bit older and sadly it just didn’t do it for me in the end.

The Kay Scarpetta Series – Patricia Cornwell

Kay Scarpetta Book Covers

As I got older, about 16-17, I somehow got hold of a Patricia Cornwell novel. It was a massive step up from Point Horror – some of the themes are frankly nasty, but I was hooked, and I scoured second hand book shops, the library and car boot sales for any of the Kay Scarpetta series I could get my hands on. This meant I first read them in bit of a higgledy-piggeldy order. I’ve since re-read them and funnily enough it made more sense the second time round.

I struggled a little when Cornwell changed her POV from first to third person – it took me a while to reconnect with the storyline as I felt like an outsider rather than reading it from Scarpetta’s shoes, but it didn’t stop me enjoying all of the following books.

This series is still going strong, and Cornwell has just announced the next Kay Scarpetta novel – Depraved Heart, which will be released this autumn.

We’d love to hear which books remind you of your teenage years – let us know!


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