Friday Favourites – Book Covers!

Author Yasmin

Beautiful book covers, don’t you just love them? Like many other people I do buy a lot of books for their looks. I can’t help it, I just like pretty things. But even if the book cover is amazing the story still has to spark an interest for me. So here are the top 5 covers I’ve chosen.

1. Alienated by Melissa Landers

This book for me wasn’t as good as it could have been. I enjoyed the story but it was definitely the cover that attracted me to it. I love it, the contrast between the lovely sunny day on earth and the dark glittering stars of space makes it a fave for me. If you ever watched the TV show Star Crossed before it was cancelled it is very similar to that. Aliens come to earth and are integrating into human society. This is where we meet Cara, as her school has been chosen to have some of the first aliens attend, and she’s been picked to look after hot alien guy Aelyx. But Aelyx is hiding the truth of why he’s really there and that could have deadly consequences.



2. Rae Wilder series by Penelope Fletch

I did enjoy this series by English indie author Penelope Fletcher. She takes you on a big adventure in a Dystopian world, where humans have walled themselves inside a huge compound so they can keep everyone safe from the demons ( fae, vampires, shifters etc ) on the outside that arrived after the great rift. Rae is a girl who knows she’s different from others. One day on her usual run through the woods she sneaks out to find everything has changed. The story and characters were good but I did feel there could have been more done to make it better; spell check and better editing would have made the story flow all the better, but I still enjoyed it and love reading books by indie authors. I really like the book covers with their pretty but simple colours, and the models on the covers are really eye catching.  I couldn’t find a picture with all the books together, so I chose the first one which has also been renamed Demon Dark)



3. The Artist Trilogy by Karina Halle

I loved this series by Karina Halle, but that’s not surprising as she is an amazing writer and I loved her other series. This is about con woman Ellie Watt trying to get her life back on track, away from the past and the things she’s done and been through. This story is dark, tempting, sexy and filled with betrayal, action and romance. I think the book covers are perfect and reflect the story’s content, and I like the dark gloomy colours used in the background.



4. Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh

I really enjoy reading these books, and I do like the angel theme, but I’m not one to go mad over it. Nalini Singh puts a good twist on the angel stories that have been done over and over. It’s set in New York, which is sexy and hard as nails archangel Raphael’s territory. Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux lives and breathes her job, and when Raphael hires her to help capture someone things start to get intense, with sizzling sexual attraction between the two. But the job puts her in the middle of a killing spree like none she’s seen before. I love the covers for these; so simple with the colouring and tattoo like wings yet to me they stand out on a shelf. There is more to the series but again I couldn’t find a picture with all of them in, except for the American covers, but I prefer these ones much more.



5. Fantasyland series by Kristen Ashley

I’ve only read the first book in this series, and although fantasy isn’t normally something I go for, I did enjoy reading it and going on the journey with the main character into another world. There’s excitement, romance, adventure and dragons; I love dragons!! And I love the classic look the books have; simple, pretty and eye catching.






Friday Favourites

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Hey there! Like the others I found it very difficult to narrow my favourites down to only 5. But no matter how much I whined and complained they wouldn’t let me do a top 10 😦 I eventually did manage 5 so here they are.

1. The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning


The reason I love this series is because the author wove an amazingly beautiful story with her words, and took you to different worlds. My favourite thing about it is the incredible journey you take with the main character, Mac. She starts off as a naive pretty girl in her own bubble and her only worries are what colour nail varnish will go with her outfit! That is until she travels to Dublin to find justice for her murdered sister as the police have closed the case. This is where you start seeing the amazing change she goes through; she learns of other beings living in her world, she finds herself out of her depth more than once but continues to fight on and ends up shedding her naive pretty girl image. The character growth is amazing and that is an important thing for me in reading a series; to see them grow and change from all the things life throws at them. And it certainly helps that she meets one of the sexiest alpha males ever! ( In my opinion )


2. The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward


This series holds a little special place in my heart as it was the first series I bought for myself when I got back into reading as an adult. The main reason I love it so much is the characters, they are all amazing and all bring something slightly different in every book, and as you delve deeper into the series you notice it has a very strong, loyal and loving family dynamic. So whenever I pick up one of the books for a re-read ( which I’ve done lots, it never gets old ) it kind of feels like coming home. To my extremely hot extended vampire family 🙂


3. Experiment In Terror by Karina Halle


I never liked watching the ghost shows on telly as I think they are crap, and while that’s what this series is about ,there was something about it that just pulled me in and I’m glad it did. I’ve not read many books like this before and the story was so good I couldn’t get enough. The main characters are brilliant; I love Dex and Perry ( especially Dex, he’s crazy, hot and wonderfully wired which I love! ). Their relationship starts off a bit strained and awkward, which makes up for a lot of ups and downs, emotional moments and hilariously funny ones. Now I don’t scare easily, blood and gore doesn’t bother me, and though I wouldn’t go as far and say these books scared me they definitely have some seriously creepy and disturbing moments that freaked me out! All in all the whole series is extremely enjoyable.


4. Downside Ghosts by Stacia Kane


Now I’ve never read anything like this series and I absolutely love it!! It’s not your normal urban fantasy romance with the perfect looking girl and seriously hot guy, both characters have some seriously deep flaws, especially the lead female, which I found very realistic and relatable. And the guy, although tough and rough around the edges and is described as someone who’s maybe been hit in the face with a shovel one too many times, is extremely loyal,  protective and when you get past his hard outer shell is soft in the heart, I love him! And it’s refreshing to read about characters that aren’t always physically beautiful though broken on the inside, neither is perfect in anyway. There’s also magic, action and sex: what more could you ask for?


5. Psy-Changeling by Nalini Singh


This is another series for me that was very different from others I’ve read. The shifter or werewolf/leopard has been done many times, but the twist was the Psy. They are a race that have many abilities, from telepathy to telekinesis and visions of the future, they also have, to me, a fascinating way of communicating with each other through their minds on a web-like connection called the psy-net. Years ago the leaders of the Psy race introduced a program called Silence, which was created to erase emotions in their children to hopefully stop the killings and psychopathic tendencies in the new generations. This ended up making their race very cold and calculating to deal with, and also backfired on them in certain ways where Psychopathics were able to hide their nature behind the cold wall of silence. Then you have the Changelings who are all about emotion, touch and bonding which creates for a strained and difficult relationship between the two races. But there are those of the Psy trying to hide their emotional flaws which the Changelings can pick up on, and this is how feelings are developed and relationships built between the two races which in turn opens up romantic connections for the characters. This series has lots of twists and turns, action and romance which makes this a great series to read.