Friday Favourites – Female Protagonists



It’s my turn this week to tell you all about my favourite female leads. Going through my read list on Goodreads and picking my favourites has made me realise that all my favourite females embody life and personality traits that I envy or idolise. I think a good aspirational character is a fantastic thing to read about in a story. It can influence you to better yourself or even better, realise you’re pretty darn great already. All my favourites have a lot of flaws which, I think, humanises them, making them more relatable and more enjoyable to read.

Kay Scarpetta (Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell)


When I was a teenager, and the teachers traipsed you down to the careers office, I was always drawn to the science and investigation careers. Primarily, a Forensic Detective. It’s my dream job, and if things had played out differently… who knows, it could’ve been. I loved reading about this fascinating career and all the different aspects of it, and I loved Kay Scarpetta; a strong woman holding her own as the chief M.E in a male dominated world. She made mistakes, but carried on anyway because she knew her role was important in potentially saving lives. And the woman can cook. Some of the mouth-watering recipes were described in the books.

Paula Myo (Commonwealth Saga by Peter F Hamilton)


Paula Myo is a Police Detective. She’s brilliant and methodical. So methodical in fact she borders on obsessive. Perhaps because she was bred specifically to excel and want to work in law enforcement. The planet she originates from genetically alters the DNA of their humans so they are and will be pre-disposed to favour and be excellent in chosen careers. Paula Myo struggles with the love she has for her work and the fact she does not agree with her planets’ genetic manipulation. Her love of her job sometimes takes her into very dangerous situations and she has made many enemies over her lifetimes, but she won’t quit in the search for justice.

Avery Morganstern (Wait for you by J Lynn)


Avery went through a terrible ordeal when she was 14, and because her family and town let her down she was forced to endure isolation and bullying throughout her teenage years. Although she is still very much affected by the tragedy she suffered, she’s trying to move on (and move away), get herself a College education and survive on her own without her parents. I admire her courage, strength and her ability to try and better herself even after going through something that would break a lot of people.

Elena Michaels (Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong)


Elena doesn’t wear make-up, perfume or use scented bath/shower products. She wears comfy clothes. Essentially she looks like an everyday woman. But Elena is a werewolf. The only female werewolf. And she can hold her own amongst this heavy testosterone, alpha male environment. She’s tough but feminine and I love that combination.

Freya Beachamp (Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz)


Although I was unimpressed by this book, I did like Freya. She’s full of energy and fun and isn’t afraid to dare and take risks. She followed her heart even though it put her in some sticky situations. She was conflicted by her feelings for her fiance’s brother and struggled with it throughout the story, making some questionable decisions along the way. She’s also the Queen of mixing up potions, creating elaborate concoctions for all occasions.

Do you have some favourite female protagonists?






Book Review – 172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad

Author – Hazel



It was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime. Mia, Antoine and Midori had different reasons to enter NASA’S competition for a seat on the first shuttle to go to the moon in over forty years.

But while they all wanted to escape Earth, they never realised there might not be a chance to come home…

172 Hours on the Moon is a Science-Fiction/Mystery/Horror story set only a few years in the future. NASA announce a competition where three teenagers can win a once in a lifetime trip, to go to the moon. Mia from Norway, Midori from Japan and Antoine from France, are the lucky three. They travel with their families to the U.S. to train for three months for the trip. The journey and landing on the moon goes ahead smoothly, but what happens when they enter DARLAH 2 is when the story really kicks off!

The writing had an eerie quality, perfect for the atmosphere the author intended. There were a few chilling moments, a few jumpy moments and I did actually feel spooked out reading this story. The book read like a horror movie, exactly how it played out in my head.

‘In space, no one can hear you scream.’

The characters didn’t have a huge amount of depth, but the three competition winners did have a detailed back story. I enjoyed the chapters from the old man with dementia, whilst reading I wondered what clues his story held and how they would help me de-code the mystery.

There is a huge plot twist at the end which makes the ending really scary and creepy, no happy ending here! I was completely sucked in by the story, I needed to know what was going to happen next, what was around the corner so to speak, it was completely gripping.

I would definitely recommend this book to those who enjoy a good mystery, and who don’t mind being spooked out a little along the way.



Friday Favourites

hazel's top 5

As Kiera said in her top 5, this is actually incredibly difficult to do. It took a lot of time and thought but eventually I managed to narrow it down, so here goes…..


1. Matilda by Roald Dahl

This was my absolute favourite as a kid. And as many books as I read back then, this one stuck in my head. The story follows a little girl called Matilda who discovers something magical about herself and how it can make the people she loves, lives better.
And who can resist a character who loves to read!


2. Dark Angel by V.C Andrews


I was given this book, along with a box of others, from my mums friend at the time. I think I was about 14 when I read it for the first time and it took my hormone driven mind on a journey that I’ll never forget. I remember crying and swooning and being shocked because it was the first book I read that included sex scenes.
It is about a girl who moves to live with her incredibly rich and vain grandmother, she starts a new private school, meets a boy and deals with a lot of family drama.
My first ever book boyfriend, Troy Tatterton!


3. The Commonwealth Saga by Peter. F Hamilton


Pandora’s Star was the first ever Sci-fi book I read. I was apprehensive to start because it wasn’t the easiest Sci-fi book for a beginner! I was challenged by my now fiance to read it and although I had to ask the meaning to some of the Sci-fi jargon, I absolutely fell in love with the book and immediately read the second one, Judas Unchained. These books are not just Sci-fi. They have action, adventure, romance, mystery, crime, the lot!


4. The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer


OK, some of you may groan and sigh but these books hold a special place in my heart. I was in a very long reading slump and was up to my elbows in nappies and all things baby (after having 3 children in quick succession) when two of my younger sisters said one day ‘you need to read this book’. I looked at them after hearing the synopsis and thought, really a young adult book, I’m 24! But they insisted so I took the book home and boy I’m glad I did. I instantly became hooked (well almost, by chapter 4 really) and somehow I managed to read the entire series inside a week! And out of my reading slump I came 🙂
And of course, I’m team Edward all the way, hehe.


5. The Blackdagger Brotherhood series by J.R Ward


Well, what can I say about these. After storming my way through a lot of young adult books, I was itching for something, well, more. Yasmin, my fellow blogger and sister in law, came round for a visit with my newest edition to the family and said ‘you have got to get this book, oh my god’. Of course I immediately ordered it from amazon and eagerly awaited for my package to arrive (this was before my Ipad and kindle app days). It did not disappoint! I vividly remember holding my breath and slowly flushing from my toes up at a particular scene, not that far in. It was the first time I had read a graphic sex scene! By the end I had completely fallen for Wrath, the male protagonist in this book and although I have read all but the last one so far in this series, he’s still my favourite brother.


Now as much as these are my all time favourites, I do hope that this list will evolve. I have every confidence that I will find and read a book or many, that I adore as much, if not more than those currently on my list.

Good reading guys xxx