My name is Kiera. I am a 27 years old and live with my husband, son and slightly crazy Siberian Husky.

I have been reading and loving books for as long as I can remember. From being read bedtime stories to raiding the shelves of family members and libraries looking for the next adventure. I have also been lucky enough to come from a family of readers who encouraged my reading and recommended some books that are still my favourites.

The genres I tend to be drawn to are Fantasy, Paranormal & Paranormal Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary and sometimes a bit of Sci-fi. I love the escape that reading provides, going on gripping journeys while snuggled under a blanket in the comfort of home.

When I’m not reading I can be found spending time with my little family and friends, out on walks with my dog, baking or watching TV shows like The Vampire Diaries or Mad Men. I also love to play video games, Bioshock , Dragon Age, Halo, as long as it’s not too scary, I’m there. And if I’m not doing any of those things, check goodreads, because hours have been lost browsing their virtual shelves!

Check out my goodreads page


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